Sistema de montagem

In locations where wind and weather pose a never-ending challenge, reliable stability is essential. When choosing support structures for your solar pv systems you can trust in the years of experience of Donauer Solartechnik. The mounting systems in our INTERSOL product line are equally as suitable for photovoltaic mounting on pitched and flat roofs as they are for ground-mounted systems and in-roof solutions. We will provide just the right system and frame components for your specific type of roof covering. Our mounting systems are based on a standardized and easily understood 3-layer design. See for yourself. You’ll be impressed by how well our sophisticated mounting systems combine individuality and convenience.

High-quality materials and a comprehensive technical service for you

Our equally lightweight and durable mounting systems provide photovoltaic modules with the ideal protection against the forces of nature. A state-of-the-art analysis process ensures our solutions meet the highest safety standards. By consistently selecting high-quality materials we ensure decades of service life for all components. On request, we also offer a comprehensive technical service ranging from conceptual design to static analysis. Take advantage of our wide experience with photovoltaic mounting systems and the proficiency of our staff.

The advantages of Donauer mounting systems

  • Systems compatible with all manufacturers and roof types
  • Long-lasting products thanks to durable materials
  • Custom-made solutions
  • All components manufactured in line with international standards
  • Statically tested and TÜV-certified
  • Maximum safety through wind tunnel testing in well-respected universities and on-going monitoring of material quality

Our systems combine uncompromising quality with innovative construction and maximum flexibility.  No matter where your modules are to be installed, with Donauer you will always find the perfect solution.