Solar supplies by Solare Datensysteme GmbH

The owner of a photovoltaic system wishes to achieve the greatest possible yield from solar energy. This is possible with SolarLog solar supplies for grid-connected systems. SolarLog devices by Solare Datensysteme GmbH provide system owners and installers with an ideal monitoring system, are easy to install and offer a wide range of functions. They are compatible with all standard inverters, irrespective of manufacturer. SolarLog500 supports up to 10 solar grid inverters, SolarLog1000 up to 100. The performance or failure of every inverter/string is continually monitored by the SolarLog and the status reports analysed. Various alarm functions facilitate rapid response times and avoid revenue losses for you and your customer.

Solar supplies by Solare Datensysteme GmbH for monitoring all grid-connected systems

Used in connection with the SolarLog platform, SolarLog also offers system operators the perfect solution for monitoring yields. These monitor the system offline or online via performance data visualisation. Devices from SolarLog provide the right solution for every system. Regardless of whether you require continuous and uninterrupted data recordings from a system, or a central monitoring system for the remote configuration of several systems. You can choose between touchscreen devices and an Internet-based web browser. Owing to the low investment costs, SolarLog is soon amortised.

Increased customer loyalty has a number of advantages for the solar installer. Today, 13,000 installations with high-quality solar supplies from SolarLog are already being used throughout Germany and Europe. High customer value, simple operation and universal application without requiring the installation of software are the outstanding features of products developed by Solare Datensysteme GmbH.

About Solare Datensysteme GmbH

Solare Datensysteme GmbH, headquartered in Swabian Binsdorf, has specialised in the development and sales of monitoring systems for photovoltaic systems. The company was founded in 2007. Its core competency includes innovative products with short development cycles and an excellent price-performance ratio. In 2010, the company moved into a new building, which boasts a 180 kWp PV plant and a thus far unique solar-thermal parabolic channel plant with an underground thermal storage unit that ensures the new production and office building generates more energy than it consumes.

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