Systèmes traqueur

We want you to achieve optimum yield with your solar pv system. The installation of a solar tracking system is an additional factor in gaining even more electricity from solar energy. These intelligent systems are controlled by sensors and are always positioned to capture the optimum amount of sunlight. To maximise yield, the solar energy system is always directed toward the most energy-rich point in the sky.

Efficient solar tracking systems for higher yield

‘Tracking’ ensures that the sun’s rays always strike the solar panel at the ideal angle, thereby increasing the efficiency of your solar energy system. Intelligent single and double axis tracking systems give operators of photovoltaic systems up to 45 % more yield compared to fixed systems.

Because we want you and your customers to get the best possible use from solar energy, Donauer Solar only sells tracking systems from major international manufacturers. And of course, Donauer Solartechnik also supplies photovoltaic mounting systems that are optimised for use with tracking systems.