Panneaux solaires photovoltaïques

The technical and optical perfection of solar panels from Donauer

Donauer Solar stocks high-quality solar panels from major manufacturers.  Our comprehensive portfolio is certain to have just the right product for your needs: from the robust PV panels for off grid systems in isolated areas to highly efficient versions for photovoltaic projects. Whatever your project, solar panels from Donauer Solar are the number one choice. We only include manufacturers in our product portfolio who fulfil the Donauer quality criteria, such as our high quality standards. You get products that are durable, efficient and highly effective.

New, innovative panel variants are continually being developed in our partners’ research departments. Highly sophisticated production methods continually improve the performance and efficiency of the solar panels. With their certified product quality and excellent guarantees, our suppliers ensure a photovoltaic system will remain operational for decades. In addition to cutting-edge technology, the focus of some of our solar panel manufacturers is also on first-rate design. Such technically and optically perfected models are ideal when designing upmarket rooftops and façades. Donauer Solartechnik provides the comprehensive product spectrum required to meet the increasing demand for solar energy. We ensure that our balanced product portfolio also includes inexpensive solar panels. And of course, we ensure that these, too, satisfy our high quality standards.

We are convinced that in the Donauer Solartechnik product spectrum you will find the model best suited for your needs. We supply solar panels for (almost) all applications.