Onduleurs solaires photovoltaïques

Donauer Solar supplies solar inverters from all major manufacturers, as well as from Donauer’s own High-Efficiency series. As the name already implies, the key factor in solar inverters is efficiency: from the lightweight design of the housing to the flexible installation and ease of operation. It is our experience that high efficiency and high-yield generation can only be achieved with efficiently constructed devices. And, with the new and highly efficient tools from our innovative equipment suppliers, it is now even easier to achieve the ideal configuration and therefore maximum system performance.

Solar inverters for on- and off-grid systems

Whether for on- or off grid photovoltaic systems, our programme has just the right solar inverter for you and for your customers. This also includes the tried-and-tested entry-level unit from the transformerless solar inverter category. With their low weight and high performance, these are robust "all-rounders" for small photovoltaic systems. For installers wishing to be flexible in the creation and monitoring of large solar pv systems with differing specifications and purposes, we provide three-phase models. These devices, with their wide input voltage range and user-friendly display, facilitate the work with solar energy systems up to the megawatt range. New cooling concepts extend the service life and are a pure source of pleasure for system operators. Invest in the first-rate features of our partners’ innovative solar inverters.