Accessoires pour système couplé au réseau

A good photovoltaic system does not simply consist of high-quality solar panels and efficient inverters. If solar power is still to flow in the decades to come, the solar supplies are equally important. All major international manufacturers supply Donauer Solartechnik with mechanically durable solar cables and plugs that are highly resistant to environmental influences.

Easy to use and monitor due to high quality solar supplies

The heart of the system, which must therefore be particularly well protected, is the solar grid inverter. In addition to the usual standards, legal and insurance related requirements must also be fulfilled when installing solar pv systems. This could involve, e.g. lightning and surge protection measures. To ensure the safety of your system, our solar supplies and accessories product programme therefore also includes lightning and surge protection systems.

In addition, our portfolio also includes displays and monitoring systems for intelligent system monitoring that give system operators a clear view of the technical information, while viewing the real measurement data via a display. As this little helper allows your customers to see their yield directly, they reap even more pleasure from the benefits of solar energy. The photovoltaic system is monitored via a web browser. It goes without saying that the monitoring systems are compatible with all common types of inverters.

And, because we at Donauer Solartechnik know that it sometimes comes down to a question of detail, we make no concessions to quality and rely on the long-standing experience of our suppliers. Whatever it is you need, you are sure to find the suitable product in our programme.