Stand-alone water supply

Stand-alone water supply with photovoltaic pump systems is a focus of Donauer Solartechnik's work. Photovoltaic pump systems make an important contribution towards providing entire villages with drinking water in developing countries and in remote regions. They are en environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional diesel-operated water pumps, which incur high fuel and maintenance costs. The time and cost consuming transportation  of fuel is also reduced. Independent from the electricity grid, no-maintenance, directly coupled pump systems provide the water pumps with the power they need to operate. This water can then also be used to irrigate fields. It is thus also available when there is insufficient sunshine. There are many applications for these systems: Irrigation, pond level control, filling of  animal troughs and the supply of drinking water can all be ensured reliably with Donauer's complete stand-alone water supply systems.

Stand-alone water supply in Gambia

Donauer Wasserversorgung

Photovoltaic technology to provide clean drinking water

Photovoltaic pump systems consist of three components: the module, the controller, and the pump. The direct coupling between the photovoltaic generator and the pumps makes a battery unnecessary, which reduces investment costs considerably. Conventional pumps usually run on diesel fuel. There is always a risk that lubricant or fuel can leak and contaminate the well water – in other words, the drinking water for many people. The benefit of solar-operated pumps for stand-alone water supply is obvious: No dangerous substances are used and the water remains potable.

The advantages of our complete systems for stand-alone water supply:

  • Solar modules, mounting system, controller and pump from one source
  • Direct coupling between the pump system and the PV generator – no battery
  • No-maintenance operation without fuel or lubricants, no pollution of the well, to ensure a clean water supply
  • Faster and more flexible installation with the Donauer ground-installation frame
  • Protection through integrated dry-running sensor
  • Reliable and durable
  • Can be combined with ultra-filtration