Stand-alone grid systems for electricity grids

Apart from pre-fabricated off grid packages, Donauer Solartechnik also offers individual products and solutions that can be combined into an integrated stand-alone electricity grid system in accordance with the customer's specific requirements.

A stand-alone electricity grid system is a self-contained regional energy system in which decentralized power generators as well as consumers and, if required, storage systems, are integrated. Through our integrated planning of the electricity generation and consumption we can optimize the reliability and economic benefits of the power supply. Apart from photovoltaic technology, if required, other power generators, such as wind turbines, diesel generators, fuel cells and hydro electricity systems, can be integrated into the stand-alone electricity grid system. This enables a reliable, cost-optimized and efficient power supply.  As well as villages, power supply to remote towns or industrial plants is also possible with a stand-alone electricity grid system.

Donauer Inselnetz System

Stand-alone grid systems are suitable for rural power supply

A focus of our service portfolio at Donauer Solartechnik is rural power supply, as the construction of stand-alone electricity grids makes a major contribution towards regional development. But professionally designed stand-alone grid systems are not only suitable for regions with no connection to the public electricity grid. Even in towns and municipalities in well-developed industrialized countries they provide an opportunity to save costs and also conserve the environment. Especially in times of rising energy and fuel costs solar-based concepts are a very interesting alternative. There has been an enormous increase in the number of installed industrial off grid solar and hybrid systems over the last years. The costs of running diesel-operated industrial applications can be reduced considerably through the integration of photovoltaic.