Donauer legt großen Wert auf Photovoltaik Qualität

Quality assurance

Donauer Solartechnik continuously subjects all the solar panels from its entire product range to the strictest quality controls. We not only check a module's technical values, we also check the spatial resolution information of individual cells in particular, which we determine with electroluminescence and infrared imaging. The electroluminescence image visualizes a number of negative effects, which can reduce output. They include cell breakage or microscopic fractures, for example. To precisely determine module quality, we have climate chamber tests performed at external laboratories, for example, which are devised to help us make a performance forecast for the next 20 years.

Quality over compromise.

Careful selection of suppliers and precise production inspection.

Donauer vouches for the high quality of all the products from every one of its suppliers with its name. How can we do this? Because our sales managers have over ten years of experience in the solar industry, know the best international manufacturers personally and visit the various production facilities all over the world several times a year. We also believe that it is essential to verify the on-site manufacturing quality of the products for ourselves.

Continuous quality controls at Donauer

Trust is good, Donauer is better.

To continuously guarantee perfect Donauer quality for our customers, our products are subjected to several quality controls before they are shipped. Here, in addition to relying on our trained eyes and skilled hands, we also employ innovative methods that detect even the smallest defects:

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Contact to Donauer Solar

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Testing using the electroluminescence camera makes the smallest quality defects visible.

We use the electroluminescence camera to ensure quality. It enables us to detect damage that is not even visible to the naked eye, such as microscopic fractures on the modules.

Testing using the infrared camera

This allows us to detect large temperature differences in the module and hot spots on the cells.

Testing using the flasher

The products are already subjected to various endurance stress tests at the manufacturer. The solar irradiation is simulated in the flasher with a flash and the solar module's rated output is measured. Donauer has this flasher data checked by independent institutes at regular intervals.

Product delivery

To ensure that you receive the photovoltaic products in excellent condition, we only work with international logistic partners and ensure smooth transport right to your doorstep.

Visual inspection

We meticulously check whether the products are packaged and stored appropriately. In addition, we also check to make sure the items are complete and accurate as well as for damage and cleanliness.

Customer-friendly complaint processing

  • Complete complaint handling
  • Rapid pre-evaluation in cooperation with the manufacturers saves costs and time for both the customer and manufacturer
  • Immediate replacement from the replacement module pool if necessary
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of old modules through membership in PV Cycle