Donauer - Zukunft durch Sonnenenergie

Our vision - Solar solutions for the future

Solar energy is our partner

It starts when we get up in the morning. We turn the light on, use the electric toothbrush and make coffee and toast. All as a matter of course. Electricity is just a part of our lives. Because it not only structures our daily routine, but is what makes it possible in the first place. To do without electricity is unthinkable. But to carry on as we have been doing is not possible either. For just that reason it is important to consider the subject of energy early enough and think and act responsibly. We offer solar solutions, harnessing the sun's energy. Admittedly, we didn't invent the sun, but we do make use of all the possibilities it offers.

We offer solar solutions for the future

Because it is progressive to no longer be dependent on large corporations. Whoever owns a photovoltaic system is able to use their own electricity, and is thus independent. It is progressive to no longer pollute the environment in the production of energy. With Donauer's solar solutions you use an energy source of the future. Through the use of solar, wind or hydro power, finite resources are preserved. And above all, it is progressive to at long last use natural resources only to the extent to which they have been given to us. For the sake of the environment and the next generation, for whom we leave no burdens of pollution when we use solar solutions.