Diesel generator combined with solar power: Our Hybrid System solutions

A diesel generator is often used to ensure the basic power supply in countries where the public electricity grid is unstable. Operation of these diesel generators can become considerably more economic if they are combined with solar generators. Depending on the location, various energy sources, such as sun, wind, and water, can be combined with each other to form a hybrid system  and make optimum use of the available resources. This combination of different power generators, such as solar power, small wind turbine, and diesel generator, increases the availability of the systems and can also reduce investment costs. The integration of photovoltaic reduces fuel consumption drastically.  The often complicated and expensive transportation of fuel is also reduced with such a hybrid system.

Reduce running costs with Donauer hybrid systems

Donauer specializes in the integration of photovoltaic systems into a existing network of diesel generators and includes a suitable energy management system in the respective project. In all cases we focus on reducing running costs while guaranteeing a reliable power supply. Our service spectrum ranges from small hybrid systems with batteries to large-scale industrial systems. This allows larger consumers, such as hotels, schools, and hospitals, to be provided with sustainable power. We help you find the best economic solution using a mix of different energy sources, since the optimum combination depends on many factors, such as the local economic and climatic conditions. If required, existing structures can be expanded at minimum cost.

More information about the Diesel/PV hybrid system