Portable power solution: Donauer Power Station

The portabe power station from Donauer is a compact off grid system containing everything required for a reliable photovoltaic power supply in remote regions. Our portable power solution for these requirements is a pre-assembled central power station installed in a special 10' or 20' container. This small portable power plant is designed for extreme weather conditions, such as in regions with high temperatures, it is ready for use in no time at all and can be moved whenever necessary. This intelligent high-tech solution guarantees 100% supply security, complete system monitoring and optimum energy distribution in a mobile off grid system.

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Compact and efficient: The portable power station from Donauer

All components can be adapted to suit specific requirements. The portable power container can be designed for all areas of application in accordance with the customer's specific wishes and, for example, can be equipped with a diesel generator or a wind  turbine. To ensure that the battery life is as long as possible even under extreme temperatures, when the portable power system was being developed, special attention was paid to the high-performance air conditioning system with active and passive air conditioning. The professional filter system is fitted with an automatic cleaning facility.

The benefits of the portable power station from Donauer at a glance:

  • 10-foot standard container, CSC certificate, ISO 668, ISO 634
  • Innovative temperature control through the active and passive air conditioning concept
  • High mobility factor thanks to the compact design
  • High-quality, self-cleaning, low-maintenance filter system
  • High overload capacity
  • Backup generator starts automatically
  • Central control station
  • Remote monitoring and data analysis
  • Modular and extendible off grid system