Donauer Photovoltaikanlagen

Donauer Solar Projects is now called
DHYBRID Power Systems

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International solar power projects with Donauer

Profit from the potential of the sun's energy with Donauer Solartechnik.

On roofs, as ground-mounted installations or for stand-alone power supplies in regions with no grid access, our "International Projects" business unit will develop the perfect solution for you. Donauer Solartechnik has many years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, the highest level of technical competence in the implementation of solar power projects and an extensive portfolio of products from leading international manufacturers.

Grid-connected and independent solar power projects

We implement both grid-dependent and independent solar power projects for you. In many places no electricity grid is provided, whether in the German Alps or in an African village. Grid-independent solar power systems, so-called off-grid systems, make an independent power supply possible wherever it would be uneconomical or simply not possible by conventional means. For this, our Team for International Projects utilizes various renewable energy sources and implements hybrid or purely solar power projects besides systems for independent water supply.

Inform yourself about our systems and solutions:

  1. Grid-Connected Solutions – turnkey solar pv systems
  2. Self-Contained Systems -  Off grid systems