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HyGRID - Fuel Reduction System

The Innovativ fuel saving concept

Diesel generators are often used to secure the basic energy supply in countries where the public grids do not provide a reliable source of energy. Despite comparatively low investment costs for purchasing the machines, the operating costs for maintenance and fuel are rather high. The current development of the crude oil price on the global market, in particular, is leading to a drastic rise in costs. In addition, there is the logistical problem of transporting the diesel fuel, which has a strong influence on the overall costs, particularly if it has to be transported to remote areas.

The HyGRID - Fuel Reduction System can be included as an additional source of energy to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel generators and hence their high operating costs. The favourable price trend of photovoltaic systems provides for a short amortisation period.

The actual challenge lies in technically conceiving and implementing the diesel/PV hybrid system without the use of energy storage systems, which are costly, and whose temperature sensitivity and limited life span are a limiting factor for the entire system.